Friday, May 28, 2010

Creative Gifts

I was inspired to write this blog from a gift given to me by a student (see the spice-box gift set) . Enjoy

family gift coupons
-used cd case
-colored paper (Michael's has a great card-stock assorted pack in the scrap-booking isle)
-the name of a few items that you forgot to pick up at target (write these items directly on the paper with a funny saying or quote)
-colored ribbon/rubber band
*Time to go on a shopping spree together:)

community service for kids
-seek out a business or a dr's office in the community that has a need (toys for the lobby, clipboards, art on the wall, etc...)
-donated items (classroom of students, neighborhood community, church group, etc...)
-inexpensive containers/paints (hobby lobby and big lots have great containers)
-an inspirational children's book centered around giving to give purpose to the project (a chair for my mother, the giving tree)

authentic gifts from afar
-when you travel bring a small something back for family to save the memory

handmade made earrings (bridesmaid gift)
-beads (Michael's, bead shops, etc..)
-a crafty friend who makes jewelry
-jewelry boxes (I had luck at getting some free at department store jewelry counters)
-1 roll of hemp
-brown paper
-gift paper (newspaper or recycled paper is always fun too)
-small baskets

homemade thank you cards
-pack of assorted scrapbook paper (hobby lobby, Michael's, etc...)
-pack or assorted stickers to match
-stamps (I have a set of "I appreciate you", "Thank You", "Thanks", "Many Thanks", "Love and Gratitude", and a small flower
-black ink pad (color may vary depending on the colored paper)
-pack of envelopes (white and cream are the most neutral)
*Use the envelop to measure the paper. Snip snip snip, stamp stamp stamp, and wallah.

spice box
-letter stickers
-baby baggies
-unpainted wooden box

Sunday, May 16, 2010

mission tour cards

A good friend of mine will be leaving for an 11 month mission journey in September with Adventures in Missions I took these photos for her prayer cards. I cannot wait to hear about your trip. Go get 'em Kels!

lamps and jars

I had the privilege of co-hosting a shower for a beloved friend. Orange and green are two of her many wedding colors. Her artiness inspired all of the decorations.
orange burlap table runner
baby's breath jars
matted engagement pictures
scrapbook paper labels for the food and drinks
"leave a laugh" buckets
drink glasses with white gerber daisies
orange and green skittles, sweet tarts, sour kids, and m&ms
We look forward to celebrating your wedding!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dresses and Pearls

These beautiful friends ask me to do one last shoot with them before they graduated! Thank you for all your encouragement. The Lord has blessed you girls so much!